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Saltpetre Nature Preserve

(Saltpetre Narure Preserve will be closed from Oct. 1-April 1, 2023 to protect an endangered bat species).

A lesser-known Cave called Saltpetre Cave is right across the road, accessible via the adjacent drive. 

Known for nearly two centuries as Saltpetre Cave, this area is a geological wonder. The cave complex is named for potassium nitrate or saltpetre—the white, crusty efflorescence that appears on the ceilings of several recesses. While only 14 acres in size, the preserve features a remarkable display of recess caves.

One cave, featuring a natural arch at the 100-foot opening, is 124 feet deep with an 8-foot high ceiling that permits easy access for about the first 75 feet. A second cave is 143 feet deep and 125 feet wide at the opening—again with an 8-foot high ceiling toward the entrance. Yet another cave is actually 3 recess caves stacked one atop the other.

Beaver and other wildlife abound among the hemlock, birch and tulip trees that grow on the slope below the caves. While not a wildflower showcase, partridgeberry, pinesap, Indian pipe, and several fungi provide splashes of color along the trail that connects the cave entrances.

Sheick Hollow Nature Preserve

Sheick Hollow lies on 151 acres nestled around a stream that traverses the nature preserve’s sandstone cliffs. 

The thick hemlock and birch forest, rock formations, cascading waterfalls, and diverse plant life represent the unique characteristics of the region.

A daily permit is neededfor both nature reserves but the permit is  free (our favorite four-letter word).

Please Contact:  Ohio Department of Natural Resources (pdf) or call 614-265-6561 for State-Issued Permits.  Please allow 14 days for turnaround.

State Nature Preserves Access Permit | Ohio Department of Natural Resources (

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