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Once upon a time, the Big Pine Tree House story started when Mark and Julie fell in love, married, and looking for an affordable honeymoon near Columbus ended up in Hocking Hills.  Finding the region incredibly beautiful and unique, they decided to invest their savings here.  Mark, an architect, was already designing the cabin in his head.  When Mark first shared his dream with Julie, " design and build a cabin"....she thought, oh, sure, a cozy little cabin possibly with running water and hopefully A/C, never dreaming Mark planned to design and build a 2000 square foot 4-level cabin. ... without help.


The Big Pine Tree House took ten (long...did I say long) years to build.   Mark and Julie literally built it themselves with little help, hence, this is why it took ten years to build.   The cabin is also constructed from recycled wood so the couple, (with the pulling power of a couple of victims, er, friends), kept busy pulling nails from the recycled wood, adding months to the ten long years.  (If anyone wants to test a marriage, build a big cabin without help.)


So ten years (and three kids) later, the Big Pine Tree House was built.  The cabin is now being shared with others who hopefully will fall in love with the Hocking Hills region as well.  It's a place Mark and Julie never take for granted.

Our Story

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